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3M€ pour les apiculteurs-en

Actualités agricoles - 30.07.2018
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Les organismes obtenus par mutagenèse sont des OGM-en

Actualités agricoles - 26.07.2018
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L’indice des fermages 2018 baisse de 3,04 %-en

Actualités agricoles - 26.07.2018
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Cumuler emploi et retraite-en

Actualités agricoles - 23.07.2018
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Fiscalité : des annonces fin juillet-en

Actualités agricoles - 20.07.2018
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Budget Pac : La France et l’Allemagne jouent dans la...

Actualités agricoles - 16.07.2018
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AGIRAGRI is a new national network grouping together chartered accountancy and law firms. As well as being specialized in the business world, each member of the network is strongly involved in agriculture. The network can offer you its multi-sector, multidisciplinary experience and provide you with day-to-day support and all the indispensable tools for the smooth running of your operation: dashboards, farm management files, statements of assets. AGIRAGRI gives you the means to act; it is a precise, dynamic alternative that will cater for the new realities and requirements of the farming world.

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